University of Wisconsin-Madison

I am working on IceCube, ARA, HAWC, and the LBNE. Information below are for my older projects, mostly from the University of Minnesota.

There’s a lot more than can be found with a quick search though. I recommend using for these sorts of searches. Also see the Books section. I’ll add stuff that is of more general interest here as I run across it.


I was a student of John A. Simpson’s at the University of Chicago (now deceased) and a postdoctoral fellow with James Beatty at the Pennsylvania State University (now at Ohio State University).

John A. Simpson: Link to the Bulletin of

    the Atomic Scientists J. A. Simpson


Older Talks

  1. -Cosmic Ray history slides

  2. -Radioactives in the Galaxy

  3. -Introduction for students to the Particle Astrophysics group

  4. -Pierre Auger status talk, circa 2002

  5. -CREAM overview

  6. -Final summary talk (UMN Particle Astrophysics)

Old Papers (mostly pdf format)

  1. -Syllabus for my Freshman Seminar

  2. -ANITA Fact Sheet

  3. -ANITA Overview

  4. -ANITA SMEX Proposal to NASA

  5. -CREAM Flowchart Draft

  6. -Cosmic Ray Conference RF paper

  7. -2002 OJI Application/Funding Request

My Primary Experiments

- High Energy Telescope (HET) on the Ulysses spacecraft

  1. -Cosmic Ray Telescopes on CRRES and IMP-8 satellites

  2. -High Energy Antimatter Telescope (HEAT) balloon experiment

  3. -Antiproton HEAT balloon experiment (HEAT-pbar)

  4. -The Pierre Auger Observatory, giant air-shower array detector for both hemispheres, built in Mendoza Province, Argentina, and a northern site starting construction in Colorado, USA

  5. -Cosmic ray energetics and mass (CREAM) balloon experiment (Animation of trajectory)

  6. -Antarctic Neutrino Impulsive Transient Array (ANITA) balloon experiment

  7. -Cosmic Ray Electron Synchrotron Telescope (CREST) balloon experiment

  8. -Test detectors for cosmic-ray radio pulse measurements, atmospheric radio fluorescence measurements, and shower thickness-timing determinations

  9. -The Askaryan Radio Array (ARA) at the South Pole, first test deployments in 2010-2011, upcoming deployments continuing. This experiment utilizes radio pulse detection to search for extremely high energy astrophysical neutrinos.

  10. -The HAWC (High Altitude Water Cherenkov) experiment is an all-sky TeV gamma ray experiment focused on the gamma ray bursts and other extreme astrophysical systems.

  11. -LBNE is the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment which will be sited at DUSEL the US Deep Underground Science & Engineering Laboratory.