DuVernois Family Genealogy

This is a first attempt at a “history of the DuVernois family in the US” sort of genealogy. It is centered on Michael DuVernois, son of Robert E. DuVernois Jr., and grandson of Robert E. DuVernois of Massachusetts. The Michigan DuVernois family is also present, but at the moment is unconnected to the Massachusetts Duvernoises. This is an ongoing, but low level, project of mine. Any information would be appreciated for addition/correction to these pages, especially information on the following persons:

  1. -Robert DuVernois, born 1864 in France, immigrated into the US in 1873, Massachusetts DuVernois founder, time in NJ &/or NYC?, other family members? (Paternal grandfather)

  2. -Mary J. Sullivan (wife of Robert DuVernois), born 1872 in Dublin, Ireland, immigrated into the US in 1895, other family? (Paternal grandmother)

  3. -Frederick Duvernois, born 1820 in Germany, patriarch of the Michigan Duvernoises, German family? (Not known to be directly connected to my part of the family, but there are hunts...)

  4. -Flemish Belgian connections for the De Leeuw, Sinove, Nuyt, and Gosseye families (my mother’s relatives)

This genealogy is for personal use only; please contact me with corrections and any requests to use it beyond casual browsing. Thanks much!

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