Collaborative projects

At the moment, I have the following (non-physics-research) collaborative projects ongoing:

  1. 1.Papers on the Voynich Manuscript, MS 408, for publication in a forthcoming volume: looking for articles on cryptoanalysis of the text, historical work, analyses of methods for manufacturing the text, and similar material

  2. 2.DuVernois genealogy information, see what we’re missing here

  3. 3.Looking for information on translations and texts on Goethe’s The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, also the origin of Steiner’s interest in this piece

  4. 4.Helping out with Luis Eduardo Pacheco, at Stratocat (an AMAZING project), who is building a history of scientific & stratospheric ballooning. It’s coming along nicely!

Contact Michael DuVernois if you are interested

Drop box for file sharing and send me an email.