“It's unheard of, an adventure like this in the midst of the 20th century...” -G. Debord

This is the home of some DuVernois folks on the web. In particular...

Michael A. DuVernois

  1. -University of Wisconsin-Madison,

    Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC)

    involved with the IceCube, ARA, ANITA, HAWC, & LBNE


  1. -Consulting work: Nova Express LLC

  2. -Academic work: Particle Astrophysics & Cosmic Rays

  3. -Scientific equipment: Sales and Custom & COTS Electronics consulting

  1. -Photography

  2. -Music

  3. -Books

  4. -Blog

  5. -Facebook

  1. -Collaborative projects

  2. -Interests suited to the world wide web

  1. -My very old web pages, not updated at all (1993-1999).

    Use at your own risk, links are old, information is out of date, often seriously out of date.

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Robert & Josiane DuVernois

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Mara & Sylvia DuVernois

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DuVernois Genealogy : Includes both the Massachusetts & Michigan branches

If you are a DuVernois (or Duvernois, or Duvernoy, or other variant) and would like an email address from this domain, or a link installed, or the like, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks much! Obviously this site is always under construction...

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